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Your Open Metaverse is a Solana-based B2B2C Metaverse platform and ecosystem. The platform empowers artists, developers, and businesses to co-create meta reality, thereby paving the path towards an open, inclusive meta society. This whitepaper is our first step to inspiring a grass-roots movement for an open and ethical Metaverse. What follows is our vision for the Metaverse and how it we design, operate, and govern it. In extension of this vision, we present four cornerstone technologies, tokenomics, and our strategy on building the community.
Additionally, this Gitbook provides you with the tools necessary to co-create the Metaverse. The paper was written by the Your Open Metaverse team, with support and input from our network, investors partners, and the assistance of GPT-3 (AI). Like our platform, we want this to be a co-creation, so we encourage you, our community, to provide us with feedback and insights. Should you find any errors or omissions don't hesitate and let us know through our Telegram.
One of our close partners spent his Sunday evenings creating a cinematic envisioning the long-term future of the Metaverse, leveraging the power Unreal Engine. We recommend everyone to watch it, especially those of you that prefer a audio-visual experience over reading a wall of text.
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